Tree Assessments in Coffs Harbour

Ross is one of the few AQF qualified arborists in the Coffs Harbour area. Ross can provide detailed tree risk assessment reports for commercial projects, council parklands, caravan parks, schools and any open space areas.

Our reports look at tree health, maintenance requirements and life expectancy. We also provide advice on the most suitable trees species for your particular location.
Tree Assessments

Harbour Arbor — Tree Services in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Tree Assessment Services

Nothing enhances the pleasant feel and aesthetic appeal of a neighbourhood like well-kept trees. However, storms, fungal decay, mechanical damage or poor tree form can leave trees in a dangerous state requiring risk reduction works.

If you are concerned about risks posed by the trees at your house, business premises or school, the Harbour Arbor team have the qualifications (QTRA and TRAQ Qualification) to provide comprehensive tree risk assessment services that cover your duty of care for insurance or public liability purposes.

By considering a range of factors-including the use of the land upon which your trees are growing, the impact potential of branches, and the general condition and health of your trees - our staff can recommend which trees require remedial pruning and which ones need to be removed altogether.

We can also provide Arboricultural Impact Statements for Development Applications including Tree Protection Plans.

Our Quantified Risk Assessment Services are convenient, affordable and are ideal for commercial, school, council and residential properties.
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Arboricultural Consultancy

In addition to risk assessments, our Coffs Harbour tree specialists can provide comprehensive tree health assessment services. Whatever your tree species, our staff can rapidly diagnose diseases, the cause of deterioration as well as forms of rot and pest infestation. Detailed tree management plans - ideal for developmental and landscaping projects - can also be formulated by our team.

Our staff can recommend the tree species that will thrive at your location, as well providing a range of tips to ensure they remain healthy.