Tree Services in Coffs Harbour

At Harbour Arbor, we haven't encountered a tree problem we couldn't tackle. Our staff can service all tree species, and they have the experience to undertake jobs both in backyards and large development sites. Asset Protection Zones (APZ) clearing work can be undertaken by our Coffs Harbour tree maintenance experts. Our specialists will ensure encroaching undergrowth is removed and fire risks minimised. We specialise in servicing large scale properties such as caravan parks. All of our staff put safety first and are fully OH&S compliant.
Tree Services

High Trees — Tree Services in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Tree Services

Undertaking tree removal without the right knowledge and equipment can lead to disastrous consequences. Save yourself time, money and effort with Harbour Arbor. Our Coffs Harbour tree removal experts are trained in the most effective techniques to fell or dismantle trees safely and efficiently. They can also tend to roots and undergrowth related issues.
Stump Grinding — Tree Services in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Stump Grinding

Nothing ruins the aesthetic appeal of a yard quicker than an old tree stump, and constantly mowing and weeding around it is not much fun either! Fortunately, our Coffs Harbour stump grinding service can remove your unwanted tree stumps promptly and professionally. They can grind down your stumps below ground level and then seamlessly cover over them to improve the aesthetics of your yard.
Arborists — Tree Services in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Qualified Climbing Arborists

At Harbour Arbor our Tree Climbers have the gear and training to safely climb trees and safely remove dangerous limbs. Our staff can tend to potentially hazardous trees, while keeping damage to surrounding foliage to a minimum. All of our Coffs Harbour climbing team members are OH&S compliant and certified arborist.
Tree Assessment — Tree Services in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Tree Assessment Services

Ross is a registered QTRA assessor, has the completed the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) and is an AQF qualified Cert 5 consulting arborist. This enables him to carry out risk assessments on trees for insurance and OH&S compliance to an industry-recognised standard. This assessment can also cover the duty of care requirements of Caravan Parks, Schools, Development Sites, etc.
Tree Management — Tree Services in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Tree Management Plans

The Harbour Arbor team are happy to work with local councils and property owners to develop practical long-term tree management strategies. Our staff can provide invaluable advice on the best ways to maintain the health and controlled growth of virtually any species of tree.
Tree Health Assessment — Tree Services in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Tree Health Assessments

For an accurate and affordable tree health assessment service, be sure to call Harbour Arbor. Our experienced arborists are willing to travel to diagnose tree diseases, fungal and pest related conditions. Our staff can provide tree health assessments from Kempsey to Grafton.

Once the factors contributing to the poor health of your trees have been diagnosed, our team will help you develop the most effective strategy and apply a range of treatments to restore your trees vigour to resolve the issue.
Mulch — Tree Services in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Mulch Sales

Improve the fertility, appearance and weed resistance of your soil with Harbour Arbor specialty mulch. Our Coffs Harbour mulch experts offer their products at highly affordable rates. Better still, we can deliver our quality mulch to your site.

Our mulch is ideal for commercial and domestic Coffs Harbour garden bed applications.
Specialist Equipment

23m 4x4 EWP Truck (Cherry Picker) — Tree Services in Coffs Harbour, NSW

23m 4x4 EWP Truck (Cherry Picker)

In order to safely remove hazardous limbs in difficult to reach areas, our team offer a Coffs Harbour cherry picker service. Our elevated work platform truck, which can be deployed promptly to your site, is ideal for pruning branches overhanging roofs and service wires. Best of all, our cherry picker services are offered at affordable prices.
4x4 Isuzu Fts 750 (Tipper) — Tree Services in Coffs Harbour, NSW

4x4 Isuzu Fts 750 (Tipper)

At Harbour Arbor we always ensure a thorough clean up service is provided after tree maintenance work has been completed. In order to complete clean-ups rapidly, our staff use a 4X4 Isuzu Fts 750 tipper truck to recycle all debris and green waste in an environmentally friendly manner.
19 Inch (480mm) Vermeer Woodchipper — Tree Services in Coffs Harbour, NSW

19 Inch (480mm) Vermeer Woodchipper

Our Coffs Harbour woodchipping professionals can turn large trunks into smaller, easier-tomanage pieces for quick removal. The Vermeer woodchipper we use is state-of-the-art and can be rapidly set up at virtually any site. Our woodchipper can process felled timber trunks fast, so you can save both time and money.